Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Umbrella

Oil on Canvas
I had a lot of fun painting on a larger canvas this time, but it has been hard to know when to stop and call it finished. This NYC scene is of my daughter and her cousin headed to the American Girl store for a full day of shopping, dining, and exciting cab rides; I think the pink, frilly umbrella says it all.


  1. I LOVE this Maria!! You don't paint very often but when you do it is certainly worth seeing!! There is absolutely delightful,the pink umbrella draws your eye in and the bustling New York scene keeps the interest going.

  2. I love cityscapes. I think lots of artists shy away from painting people and architecture. So... hats off to ya'! Great job.

  3. This painting was quite an undertaking, and you came out the other side with a beautiful piece of work! I feeling like I'm walking right behind the girls, and the coolness of the air, only experienced between the NY buildings is palpable. And of course, you know how I love color... the green raincoat and pink umbrella are just dreamy.

  4. Maria - I hadn't checked in for a while - you've been busy! Really love these NY paintings. ♥KB




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