Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three's A Crowd

12" x 12"
Oil on Panel

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Here is my entry for this week's DPW's, "The Raw Meat Challenge".  I think my family and friends will find this amusing since I was a vegetarian for years, and I still don't eat red meat. I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed painting the vibrant reds of the T-Bone, and had more difficulty painting the eggs. Painting everyday things helps us to see the beauty in the ordinary, or even in the ugly; I was once repulsed by the sight of red meat and now I can appreciate it's beauty. Charles W. Hawthorne said, "We must teach ourselves to see the beauty of the ugly, the beauty of the commonplace. It is so much greater to make much out of little than to make little out of much - better to make a big thing out of a little subject than to make a little thing out of a big one." (Hawthorne on Painting, Dover Publications, Inc.)
*This painting won first place in the Johnston County Arts and Food Festival.


  1. Gosto imenso, tem umas cores espectaculares.

  2. You have certainly made something outstanding out of something little!! Congratulations on the sale of your previous painting! : )

  3. Only you could make raw red meat (yuck!) look so delectable! It is just stunning!

  4. Now I know what Van Gogh meant when he said he wanted to eat the paint...
    Thank you for the Hawthorne quote too- a wonderful reminder. :)

  5. Love this one. Excellent job on your values and colors - spot on. The title is wonderful too the way it gives your food anthropomorphic characteristics!

    Did you paint this one all in one sitting? Just curious if it was painted alla prima and how long it took.

  6. Maria, I love this picture. Everything you paint is so life like. I continue to be impressed by your "gift".
    You are a wonderful artist, but a more wonderful person. I love you!





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