Saturday, January 28, 2012

New York State of Mind

8" x 8"
Oil on Canvas
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This is painted from a photo that I took while I was in New York last year; it has been in the line-up for a while, and I was glad to final get a chance to paint it. Since this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge was to paint a seated figure, I had my excuse to get started. It was fun exploring the cool light on the back of the figure, coming in from a window behind him, with the warmer indoor light. For some reason, I am feeling restricted by the smaller canvas size lately, it may be time to pull the larger canvas' off the shelf.


  1. a beautiful and striking subject, Maria!

  2. Hi Maria,this is very impressive, how you've painted the effects of light on all the different surfaces.I always enjoy looking at your paintings and they never fail to delight!

  3. Very good painting Maria. You handled the backgroung in a way that keeps it from competing with your figure. Go BIG with BIG brushes. You'll feel liberated.

  4. Great job!! He's lovely. The light is fantastic. I love those little ice cubes in his glass!
    Happy Painting,

  5. Really like the painting of this man sitting there so absorbed in reading. Wonderfuul light.... and so well painted!

  6. Lovely painting! You really captured a moment in time.




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