Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunflower Tea - 1

6 x 6
oil on canvas
I am having the hardest time working on smaller size canvas, it takes me so long just to fit all the elements in the composition. I seem to be challenged by anything under 8 x 10. However, I do like the color in this one - it lifts my mood. Do you think the sunflower weighs it down on the left too much?


  1. I struggle too with little canvases. I'm amazed what some artists fit in 6x6 or even smaller. Looks like a good cup of tea! Sunflower is nice but competes with the cup to my eye.

  2. The juxtapositioning of the sunflower and the teacup tells a story. Sure there's a competition for attention, but that is part of what makes the story. I still think the tea is winning (but just don't tell the flower...)




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