Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Qiang Huang Workshop

Qiang's Painting Demonstration
I was lucky enough to participate in a workshop with Qiang Huang this past weekend. As you can see from the photos above, Qiang is an amazing artist, but he is also an excellent teacher. It was so inspiring to watch him paint, as he is so intentional about everything he does, from the set-up, lighting, props, to his brushstrokes.......especially his brushstrokes. There was so much information to absorb, I am eager to get back in the studio and apply what I have learned. Below you can see a couple of shots of the painting I did on the second day. It was difficult for me to keep the painting abstract/loose in the color stages as he does - there are a lot of bad habits to break.

Qiang at work

My still life painting:
The left image is my underpainting -
 using Ultramarine Blue mixed with Transparent Red Oxide.
The image on the right is my final painting.

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