Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

Snow Day
6"x 6"
Oil on Panel
Since it doesn't snow much here in North Carolina, we enjoy every little bit we get. I was hoping for enough accumulation so that I could paint a snow scene and I lucked out this time. It could be a year or two before we see this much snow again, therefore, I took full advantage and I have painted the past two days - from the window of my warm home, of course. Yesterday's painting was a wiper, but made me even more determined to paint again today. There is a lot of pressure to capture something before it all melts, which makes me think of a quote by Joaquin Sorrolla - "One must paint quickly, because so much is lost, in an instant, and you never find it again."


  1. The cool shadows make this scene spectacular!! The quote is so true!

  2. Hi Maria, I've just discovered your beautiful blog. You've done a lovely job with your much anticipated snowy scene. Your still-life works are really stunning! I'll be back to visit again!




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