Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#18 - "R" is for Radishes

6" x 6"
Oil on Panel

At this point in the 30 Day Challenge, "r" could be for rushing! I am feeling rushed each day to complete a painting to post, and sometimes not always putting my best foot forward. However, I am learning so much from this challenge and still having fun doing it. I am looking forward to February, and painting at a pace that will be best for me. Click here to see some of the other artists participating in this challenge.


  1. You're on a roll with this challenge! Love the radishes. The bit of striped fabric looks good in this one.

  2. Beautiful! It is not easy to paint at that pace. You must feel like you're in the home stretch of a marathon. :) I'm enjoying this series a lot - each one stands on its own.

  3. Love the striped towel with the radishes! Very nice!

    I think many of us doing the challenge are feeling the same way. I know I am! It is a good stretch and I am learning a lot about painting and the challenge of posting every day.

  4. Great colour combination here and i love the brushwork especially on the leaves and radishes!!

  5. How do you get such bright lights? They are amazing. Like you B and W study on the newer post, as well as these babies. The striped cloth beneath is a great addition. Nice, Maria!




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