Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 5 - "E" is for Eggs

Oil on Canvas
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I was up late finishing this one, but managed to get it done. The most challenging part of painting in this smaller format is leaving enough space around the objects. I tried using a viewfinder (made of a mat board and a piece of acrylic) to help with the composition. See the illustration below.
On to the letter "F"......
I have 25 more paintings to practice getting it right.

still life photo          viewfinder drawing         underpainting



  1. Very nice! You managed to get a lot of information on the small format! I like your alphabet series, too!

  2. Beautiful composition and painting. Best of luck with the challenge!

  3. Fantastic work Maria!! Your compositions look so natural and your colour palettes always create a harmony that is a pleasure to look at!! Keep going ,you're doing great!

  4. I am really enjoying your alphabet series... They are all great lille paintings. I especially like seeing your process on this Fluff one.

  5. OOps! I meant your process on this egg/vanilla bottle one! But I love the Fluff one too.




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