Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#24- "X" & #25 "Y" is for Yellow Pepper Peeking

6" x 6"
Oil on Panel
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This yellow pepper still life was sitting on a top shelf, out of the way, next in line to be painted after "X". I was amazed at how good it looked on the shelf, and I had not fussed with the arrangement at all, just threw it up there. It even looked like the pepper was peeking over the side of the bowl, so I left it as is, and enjoyed painting this from a different perspective.

Below is my entry for "X", I am not pleased with the result, so I will have to revisit this one when there is more time. It has been difficult to post the ones I am not satisfied with, but it does force one to pick up and move on.

4' x 4"
Acrylic on Panel


  1. I love the yellow and purple in your "Y" painting Maria! I agree with your thought on "moving on and revisiting later". I have a few that will be reviewed and adjusted after the 30 in 30 challenge concludes. It's been fun and I'm so glad I found your blog from the challenge posts! :)

  2. Beautiful contrast in colours!! The x looks great too,love the angles and shapes!

  3. Love this still life Maria, well done! I am just getting time to look at the last few days of paintings!




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