Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vino con Prosciutto e melone

11"x 14"
Oil on Panel
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Another attempt at the wine, but this time I think I was able to loosen up a bit. I am wondering if the composition is off balance at all with the wine glass too close to the center, and are the grapes to the right enough to balance the weight of that glass?? Also, in terms of color, I think honeydew melon would have been the better choice to enhance the color of the prosciutto. Buon appetito!

On another note, I would like to share the exciting news that my "Three's a Crowd" painting won first place in the Johnston County Arts and Food Festival.


  1. Great painting. Love the set up, wine with fruit.

  2. I love this compo! You have a great triangle going with the grapes, wine and plate edge, and enough negative space relief to balance everything. And I totally get the prosciutto against the orange cantaloupe - I love the warmth of it with the wine label. This one takes me back to Portofino - I love it!

  3. Congratulations Maria for achieving first place!!!! Your talent is being recognised ,I am so happy for you! This painting amazing!!

  4. Congratulations!! And this painting is well, yummy. It's making me hungry. I like the green of the wine bottle. Very challenging set up! Great job.

  5. Hi Maria, the pen I use is a TOMBOW ABT N55 ,I hope you manage to find one.




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