Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitchen Window - Sold

8" x 10"
Oil on Hardbord
This is the view from my kitchen window, painted for this week's DPW challenge, "The Outside Your Window Challenge." I did not use a photograph this time - just set up my easel in the kitchen and got to work. My time was limited since I needed to finish before the kids woke up, which probably helped in keeping me from overworking the painting. I have to admit, I much rather paint the kitchen sink than clean it.


  1. I love this--something we all relate to--nice, happy painting!

  2. You did a really nice job on this, Maria! Nice composition and beautiful, fresh colors. My eye just keeps going back to the green dish soap, the sponge, and to that wonderful bit of reflection in the faucet. LOVE it!

  3. It's such a vivid scene, with beautiful colors!

  4. Love the dish soap and sponge! You paint everyday objects beautifully. Do you know the work of Charles Sovek. He's great. You have a touch of his playfulness. (That's a good thing).




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